And so the adventure begins.



The Lost Nebula (Book 16)

This may be Victory’s eeriest voyage yet as the starship plunges into a bizarre nebula of weird compacted gases. They’re hunting for Valerie Noonan, last seen at the destroyed Adok homeworld searching for survivors.

The nebula holds dark secrets, ones that fight back with mass hypnosis and heavy lasers, seeking the crew’s enslavement and worse. Maddox desperately needs his new intuitive sense and fighting skills as he negotiates the treacherous space reefs, alien deceit and sinister technology. And he risks everything for what his AI companion Galyan desires most.

THE LOST NEBULA is book 16 in the Lost Starship series, a star-spanning saga of deadly space war and planetary battles as told by millions-bestselling author Vaughn Heppner.