A.I. Armada (Book 8)

Years ago, Main 54’s brain-core had to flee his exploding planet-sized warship because of the treachery of Jon Hawkins. Later, Main 54 gained special processors, a new warship—something changed in him…greater clarity of purpose and superior combat skills.

He has been taking over the AI Dominion around here ever since. Now, his brilliant calculations reveal it is time to destroy the Confederation with a super fleet.

Jon is on a desperate mission in the void seeking clues for making the alien Subspace Teleport Device work. But even if he succeeds, the Confederation will need the courage of the Warrior Roke, the genius of the Sacerdotes, the cunning of the Sisters of Enoy and the power of the Kames to survive the approaching holocaust.

This will be the war to end all wars or final annihilation.

A.I. ARMADA is the eighth book in the series chronicling humanity’s grim war for survival against the galactic machine juggernaut.


  2017 Vaughn Heppner