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And so the adventure begins.



Runesword: A LitRPG Adventure

Trapped. Outnumbered. Only his blade stands between him and a relentless AI’s wrath.

After an intense tabletop gaming session with his buddies, Jack winds down with a quick email check. An invite to a mysterious online game catches his eye. Eager for another adventure, he accepts.

Big mistake.

The living room grows dim as weird harmonics warbles from the smartphone. Should he worry? It’s too late. Something rips his consciousness from him and thrusts it into a barbarian warrior, level 1, in Rune Quest.

“Welcome, Jack, I’ve been waiting for you. This is going to be fun—for me.”

The newly aware AI doing the talking thinks Jack is the tech billionaire who created the game. It’s a case of mistaken identity.

Can Jack level up fast enough and beat the quests—and savage orcs, ogres, sorcerers, and worse—to learn the game on the fly so he doesn’t die the final death?

Could you?

RUNESWORD is a LitRPG portal fantasy of hardcore fighting, vicious monsters and a cheating GM in a world designed to weed out losers and double-crossing tech billionaires.

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