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And so the adventure begins.



The Science of Mu (B00k 6)

Where are the women? We want women.

Jake Bayard led tormented Neanderthals in a successful slave revolt on the planet Garm. But when the Corporation owners fled, they took all the women with them.

The Neanderthals are blaming Bayard for their lack of mates, and every day that passes is making the lonely brutes angrier.

Bayard needs a solution fast or his former friends are going to string him up.

He decides to risk a raid onto Saddoth where millions of Ophidians eat and keep herds of meat Neanderthals. He can only take nine with his traveling power—nine to free nubile females for the Neanderthals of Garm.

That’s only the first of Bayard’s difficulties, in this, the culminating book that uncovers the ancient mystery of Mu and a conspiracy that has spanned seven thousand years.

THE SCIENCE OF MU is the sixth tale of a gung-ho Terran who takes on all comers so you can remain free.

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