2017 Vaughn Heppner




A.I. Rescue (Book 7)

Despite being all alone—the only one of his kind—Bast Banbeck has generously helped humanity time and again against the death machines, saving us from extinction. Years ago, Jon Hawkins promised Bast that he would hunt for and save the Sacerdotes in return.

But the homesick Bast is losing hope, drowning his sorrows in extended drinking bouts. Now, Intelligence learns there are Sacerdote prisoners 162 light-years away.

Jon leads the rescue operation, using the void to slip undetected into enemy territory.

But this is an AI trap to capture and study Hawkins—the puny creature that has done more harm to the great AI Dominion than any other parasitical life form.

What no one knows is that Hawkins’ passage through the void has awakened an ancient evil, and it’s eager to reenter time and space.

The battle for life has just become more intense.

A.I. RESCUE is the seventh book in the series chronicling humanity’s grim war for survival against the galactic machine juggernaut.