And so the adventure begins.



The Lost Barrier (Book 15)

At Omicron 9, Professor Ludendorff unearthed artifacts of the fabled Old Ones. During a meeting in a subterranean chamber, a portal appeared and aliens attacked, perhaps to kidnap the professor or grab the artifacts. Maddox’s new intuitive sense gave him just enough warning. He saved Ludendorff and rushed into the portal to forestall any more assaults—and thus began his lonely odyssey from one strange place to another.

Maddox eventually found a Builder potential unit, and they resolved to work together. But the unit betrayed him and then Victory, taking them to a system where Maddox had already been, one behind an impenetrable barrier and possessing an ancient power.

Maddox and Victory were outmatched and outgunned, facing aliens wielding super-science weapons. But if the captain ever wanted to see his wife and daughter again, and stop Lisa Meyers from her ongoing genocidal plans against humanity, he was going to have to solve an eon-old mystery and defeat every extraterrestrial bastard that got in his way.

THE LOST BARRIER is the fifteenth book in the Lost Starship Series.