2017 Vaughn Heppner




The Lost Intelligence Book 12

His code name is Nostradamus, and he’s an ancient alien super-intelligence awakened by pesky humans crawling upon his planet. He decides to use these low-grade morons, testing some, making the special ones his agents and sending them into Star Watch to make the military organization his own.

It’s an insidious assault from within, run by a creature with fantastic predictive powers against what he considers an infantile species.

Captain Maddox and the crew of Victory catch a glimpse of the secret menace in the Tau Ceti System. They race back to Earth to report. But Nostradamus’s web is already closing in. It may already be too late.

Except…Maddox, Galyan, Valerie and Professor Ludendorff refuse to give up on those they love. The secret war against humanity has a new set of champions, hardened veterans willing to challenge an alien that can predict their every move.

Do Maddox and his crew stand a chance against the super-alien and the full weight of Star Watch turned against them? Find out in THE LOST INTELLIGENCE, the twelfth book in the Lost Starship Series.