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Assault Troopers (Book 1)

The Earth died when aliens rained thermonuclear warheads on her cities and sprayed the surface with a bio-terminator. A deadly poison drifted to every corner of the planet, threatening the last survivors with annihilation.

For a soldier in Antarctica like Creed, there is only one way to keep breathing untainted air. He must join the Jelk Corporation as an assault trooper, leaving the planet for outer space. In return for his and other people’s services, the Jelk will house the last humans for as long as the assault troopers keep winning.

For the price of living and the chance to save humanity, Creed has to wear a shock chip in his neck—Jelk discipline is harsh—and he has to don a symbiotic battlesuit that feeds off his sweat. Human life is cheap in the vast alien war. The assault troopers are little more than suicide soldiers, but for humanity to escape extinction, they must survive. But Creed didn’t agree to the bargain in order to remain a dog to the aliens. He has a plan, and he’ll need all his cunning to beat the extraterrestrials and begin the road to freedom for the human race.

Planet Strike (Book 2)

Earth's last Assault Troopers storm an alien ship the size of a planet!

After escaping from the Jelk Corporation and hijacking a battlejumper, Creed thought he was free of the extraterrestrials and their war. Now the Lokhars want to hire him, offering advanced technology to clean the radioactive Earth and starships to defend the Solar System.

The mission? After untold centuries, an ancient, planet-sized vessel has gone online, opening a gateway to a collapsing universe. Anti-life aliens are coming through. Before it’s too late, the assault troopers have to storm the ship and seal the portal.

Creed will do anything to save the last remnants of humanity, but this will be a commando raid like no other against an enemy that shouldn’t exist. Creed will need all his cunning and determination if he hopes to bring his people back alive.

Star Viking (Book 3)

Earth’s last Assault Troopers become Star Vikings, raiding alien worlds.

In the third book of the Extinction Wars series, the Emperor of the Lokhars declares a holy crusade against the last humans, promising to finish what he started. Years ago at his orders, the Lokhars nuked the Earth and sprayed it with a bio-terminator.

Creed has begun raiding alien worlds for more starships and the tech needed to clean the radioactive Earth. But how can his handful of cruisers stop the approaching armada?

If Creed hopes to save humanity, he’ll need to unlock the secrets of the Forerunner artifact he brought back from hyperspace. Then, in a race against time, he’ll have to risk everything on a desperate raid into the heart of the alien empire.

Fortress Earth (Book 4)

In the fourth book of the Extinction Wars series, Abaddon commands a Karg-Jelk Super Fleet bent on annihilating humanity. He’s the galaxy’s most ruthless strategist wielding superior technology. That includes the perfect raid-ships, able to teleport anywhere at will.

Humanity has Commander Creed and he has his Assault Troopers. He’s going to take the fight to the enemy. He’s buying time, learning secrets and setting up for the greatest space battle in the Orion Arm.

Creed is determined to win. He has too. If he doesn’t, the human race dies.

Target: Earth (Book 5)

Billions died before humanity clawed its way up from the brink of extinction, defeating the aliens that treated us like mere beasts. After years of agonizing toil and hardship, we have finally built a first-rate fleet, forcing our hostile neighbors to accept our freedom.

But in the center of the galaxy, a bitterly vengeful woman discovers the secret of the Plutonians. She is going to awaken them so the extraterrestrials can attack us with the deadliest ships in existence. If the Plutonians destroy our fleet, the others will surely swarm in like locusts and kill us.

Earth's fleet is stronger than ever. But the Plutonian ships and tactics will be far superior to ours. Against this new threat, we desperately need help.

Creed has a stealth ship and forbidden tech he stole from the galactic core. He's on a lonely mission to buy us a fighting chance. Everything we have worked so hard to achieve lies in the balance.

TARGET: EARTH is the fifth book in the Extinction Wars series.

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