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An ancient, alien technology that will change what it means to be human... A conspiracy begun before the first pyramid was built... and a world threatened by an unimaginable horror.

Deep in the Indian Ocean, Dr. Selene Khan enters an underwater dome thousands of years old, one that is fully operational. She barely escapes to the surface, only to discover that her research vessel has vanished. Can she make it to shore one hundred miles away?

On the other side of the world, Agent Jack Elliot uncovers an impossible 900 grams of antimatter. The trail leads him to Egypt, betrayal and a sinister brainwashing facility. There, in a desperate move, he rescues Dr. Selene Khan, fleeing with her into the desert.

Together, Selene and Jack race to unravel a global conspiracy and learn the truth about an ancient, alien artifact...and how civilization really began. Two people must summon the courage and extraordinary ability to stop the world's oldest plan from plunging humanity onto a twisted, evolutionary path.

ARTIFACT is a lightning-paced adventure...utterly unpredictable right up to its stunning conclusion.

Star Raider

His name was Lord Acton. He was from Earth, and he was rich, arrogant and superlatively brilliant. He had two Lithian bodyguards—giant blue-skinned savages—and he needed a spaceship with a captain willing to go to the galactic rim.

Centurion Tanner was about as down on his luck as a man could be. The space station’s tax police had impounded his ship. His navigator had Rigellian Fever, running up exorbitant medical costs, and bounty hunters working for Coalition Intelligence were waiting to take him.

Tanner agreed to Lord Acton’s terms. What other choice did he have? But that’s when things really turned nasty, beginning with a missile attack a billion kilometers before they could enter hyperspace.

Tanner wanted out once he learned that he and his crew had been hired to help stop an interstellar plot of genocidal magnitude. By then it was too late. He hated Acton but reluctantly admired the man’s gall. Now, Tanner would have to use everything he’d ever learned to save himself, his crew and ship and possibly the rest of the human race.

STAR RAIDER is a 400+ page action-packed Military SF novel by bestselling author Vaughn Heppner.


Thirteen Science Fiction and Fantasy stories by Vaughn Heppner! Many have been previously published in various magazines and print anthologies.

The Cockroach Diaries – It’s survival of the fittest in the distant future.

The Living Totem – Making magic the hard way.

Strontium-90 – Inter-Solar war at its trickiest.

The Scarlet Woman – She’s Death’s own harlot.

Quantum Metaphysics – What color is your soul?

Thule – Vikings should beware of drinking enchanted cups of wine.

Braintap – Breakout therapy is risky business.

The Oath – Bargaining with a devil is never what it seems.

War’s End – It isn’t always a good idea to start at the beginning.

The Flower Girl – “Don’t sniff the purple lotus, dear.”

The Rationalist Response – Use the freaking transporter—like this!

The Cup of Attila – The Scourge of God has one wedding too many.

The Dialogue of Kong and Socrates – Even a cybernetically-enhanced, time-traveling gorilla needs some philosophic help now and again.

Mind Games

Bannon's government screwed him over by breaking their deal with him. He was an experiment that turned out a thousand times better than expected. He was the perfect killer and they could tune his mind any way they wanted for as long as they desired. What could be better?

But the bastards hadn't counted on the hard core of the man, the inner Bannon that knew something was wrong with him. He was going to figure things out, and when he did, the people who thought the rules didn't apply to them...

The hunters become the hunted as the two sides engage in a desperate battle of wits and survival where only one can win.


The breathtaking new thriller from the bestselling authors Vaughn Heppner and Logan White.

An experiment at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland went horribly wrong. Those exposed to dark matter changed, each in unique ways. Agents of the Deep State government whisked them away to a secret facility in Italy, beginning harrowing experiments.

Gavin Kiel escaped, going to ground as only a survivor of the deadly world of espionage could do.

Only one person could lure him out of the shadows—the woman who opened his laboratory cell door three years ago. Gavin’s quest to find her killers plunges him into the secret world of human modification and futuristic weaponry, marking him for death by the organization simply known as The Shop.

But Gavin has learned to use his remarkable changes. He wants answers, and he refuses to remain the prey. This time the Shop’s cleaners, and his secret enemy, have come for the wrong man.

ACCELERATED is a lightning-paced adventure with chilling scientific possibilities right around the corner. The story is utterly unpredictable right up to its stunning conclusion.

The Imprisoned Earth