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The Soldier: The X-Ship (Book 1)

After endless years of fighting in a galaxy-wide war, the most decorated super-soldier of the Old Federation was granted leave, sliding into a stasis tube aboard a sleeper ship. The ship never reached its port, while the soldier woke up a thousand years later on an operating table.

The Old Federation was gone, most planets hurled back into the Stone Age. A devastated Earth used spies instead of spaceships to compete against the tougher richer worlds.

The Director of Earth had doctors suppress the super-soldier’s memories, giving him an undercover identity and mission: grab advanced technology from a prohibited planet before anyone else could and bring it back to Earth.

The soldier turned spy felt desperately lost, alone and out of place. There were no familiar faces. But an intense sense of duty drove him headlong into danger. And yet…and yet…there was something more, something missing that he increasingly wanted to know.

So began The Soldier’s odyssey in a future time that would change the destiny of the universe.

The Soldier: Escape Vector (Book 2)

Marcus Cade had to cross 800 lonely light-years to Earth so he could begin searching for his beloved wife. But he was broke and his spaceship badly needed an overhaul.

So he traded his one-of-a-kind Gyroc rifle to a stingy and half-mad mechanic for a cheap fix and a Nion XT Navigator.

When Cade went to sleep during the journey, the traitorous nav performed its secret function, bringing his ship to a rift, through a vortex and into the web of an extraterrestrial conspiracy.

Cade was not amused, not one damn bit. Meaning, the aliens might have gotten more than they bargained for, as Cade was a super-soldier and a hard-bitten survivor from the Old Federation. He launched a one-man crusade, determined to rip their pocket universe apart or die trying so he could escape and continue to search for his dearest Raina.

The Soldier: Escape Vector is the second book in the Soldier Series.

The Soldier: Final Odyssey (Book 3)

The most decorated soldier of the Old Federation boarded a sleeper ship with his wife. He awoke a thousand years later, the Federation gone and Earth a radioactive mess. Director G.T. Titus inserted an obedience chip into his brain and sent him on a secret mission 800 light-years away.

On a distant planet, he broke the programming, smashed the chip and remembered that he was Force Leader Marcus Cade of Battle Unit 175. Now, he’s heading back to Earth to find his wife. If Director Titus tried to use her as well—

The problem is that Marcus becomes entangled in life and death issues as Dr. Halifax betrays him to enemy intelligence, mutants take him captive and a cyborg lurker from the War is secretly hunting him.

It’s a nightmare out here, the galaxy a deadly, treacherous place. But no one is ready for Marcus’s unique code of honor or ferocious way of dealing justice. Heaven help anyone getting in his way as he searches for his wife.

THE SOLDIER: FINAL ODYSSEY is the third book in the Soldier Series.

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