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Invasion: Alaska (Book 1)



The Gulf of Alaska, 2032: As tensions rise between the United States and Greater China, a new glacial period destroys the world's food supply. Now, with Word War III hanging in the balance, the two mighty nations meet for an unprecedented battle in this gripping technothriller.

INVASION: ALASKA is the first book of the series, written by bestselling author Vaughn Heppner.

Invasion: California (Book 2)

The invasion of California has begun, threatening to trigger World War III.

In the second book of the Invasion America Series, Greater China and its South American allies control Mexico. Their armies are poised on the Rio Grande, ready for the next phase of the North American conquest.

It is 2039. The Chinese are launching their secret weapon against the American border fortifications. At the same time, an amphibious fleet steams toward San Francisco. The Chinese have formed the Pan Asian Alliance and signed a war-pact with the South American Federation. Glacial cooling has brought the Earth to the brink of starvation. Now, U.S. soil is the most valuable commodity in the world, and the aggressor powers plan to divide it amongst themselves.

America is down but she is not out. The military has some deadly surprises for the invaders, but it may not be enough. Enemy wave assaults, vast armor battles and new drone fighters turn the war into a seething cauldron of mass destruction.

Invasion: Colorado (Book 3)

2039: World War III begins with the Chinese invasion of the American Midwest.

In the third book of the Invasion America Series, bitter glacial cooling has brought the Earth to the brink of starvation, making U.S. soil the most valuable in the world.

From Mexico, the Chinese-dominated Pan-Asian Alliance and the South American Federation smash across the Rio Grande. It is the greatest assault in history. With the Rockies on one side and the Mississippi River on the other, the Aggressors plan to race up the Great Plains to the Canadian border, obliterating the U.S. Army and splitting America in half.

Meanwhile, German Dominion forces have massed in Cuba, ready to invade the East Coast.

Vast armor sweeps, enemy wave assaults, the latest drones, lasers, ultra-modern tanks and jetpack commandos—America has to stop the enemy somewhere, sometime, or the nation will cease to exist. The most desperate hour in U.S. history has arrived.

Invasion: New York (Book 4)

In 2040, a shattered America squares off against the world!

Once, America was the most powerful nation on Earth. Then disasters rocked her: a sovereign debt depression, bitter glacial cooling and the greatest military invasion in history out of Mexico--by the Chinese and Brazilian alliances. Now the U.S. reels like a drunken giant. The military fought savage battles in the Midwest last winter, driving the aggressors from Denver, but unable to kick them out of the country.

Others have taken note of this, particularly as worldwide famine worsens, with global temperatures continuing to plummet. Like swirling vultures, the German Dominion decides to grab their share of U.S. soil to help feed their hungry peoples. They've shipped a deadly expeditionary force to Quebec and put a tactical genius in charge. He assures the Chancellor of victory as he plans traps within traps. But the genius hasn't counted on the American soldier: ragged, tired and angry as hell. The world is about to witness a battle to the bitter end as failure means mass starvation.

Invasion: China (Book 5)

From the author who brought you Invasion: Alaska!

A disturbingly‭ ‬realistic vision of war several decades into the future.‭ ‬Invasion:‭ ‬China is as‭ ‬ambitious‭ ‬as it is‭ ‬powerful.‭ ‬Using advanced‭ ‬technologies‭ ‬in military‭ ‬science,‭ ‬the world‭'‬s‭ ‬superpowers‭ ‬battle on land,‭ ‬sea,‭ ‬air and space for‭ ‬global‭ ‬supremacy.‭ ‬This‭ ‬controversial tale‭ ‬will keep you sleepless at night as America challenges‭ ‬the new colossus in the East:‭ ‬Greater China and her Pan-Asian allies.‭ ‬Hard-hitting.‭ ‬Vast in scope.‭ ‬And all too possibly real.

Continually freezing weather has devastated the Earth's food supply, making US soil the most valuable in the world. A shattered,‭ ‬debt-ridden America suffered invasion by half the world and faced tactical nuclear weapons in her heartland.‭ ‬Now she wants revenge.

In the end,‭ ‬nuclear-tipped torpedoes,‭ ‬deadly laser systems and rail guns cannot replace the grunts on the battlefield.‭ ‬Asian snows turn red with blood as the fate of the world hangs in the balance‭--‬this is the thundering geopolitical technothriller,‭ ‬Invasion:‭ ‬China.

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