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People of the Ark (Book 1)

An epic unmatched through the ages…

An Almighty power unleashed in a lust-drenched world with a terrible and unyielding hammer.

With astounding narrative power—Vaughn Heppner, Winner of the Writers of the Future Award—sweeps the reader into the whirlpool of pageantry, passion, splendor, chaos and earth-shattering upheaval that was the world before the Flood. Here is the story of Methuselah, the wealthy patriarch of a rebellious clan, and Noah, a farmer driven mad with a vision of catastrophic disaster.

So begins a towering saga of great events and mortal frailties. It is peopled with a vast, and vivid cast of unforgettable men and women—queens and soldiers, temptresses and wives, carpenters and orphans—combined in a richly embroidered human tapestry to bring a remarkable era to bold and breathtaking life.

People of the Flood (Book 2)

They try to tame a world, but fail to tame their hearts.

Eight terrified men and women, four families, survive the raging Deluge. They land on an empty Earth, with strange winds that howl across the desolation of the world. Every thought should focus on survival. But the passions suppressed in the Ark now boil into feuds that pass on to their children.

Gaea—the mother of all, she strives to maintain unity.

Kush—proud and stubborn, he courts a love that could shatter his heart.

Ham—trains his sons to dominate, laughs at his drunken father and receives a terrible curse.

Deborah—beautiful but cunning, she can’t decide which of Noah’s grandsons should taste her embrace.

Beor—loves beauty and possesses the courage of a giant. His goodness brings him the evilest treachery.

People of Babel (Book 3)

The old ways have returned. There are quarrels, strife and jealousies, and a splintering of the three families of man. Can the people of Jehovah halt the heresies that strangely afflict the great grandchildren of Noah?

Nimrod—leads Babel’s Hunters. He won’t rest until he crushes the Japhethites.

Semiramis—the exotic, dark-haired wife of Nimrod uses her body to tempt men to terrible deeds as she seeks to become the power behind Babel.

Gilgamesh—his quickness made him a legend, his unique talents made him sought by the Mighty Hunter, but his blindness made him vulnerable to a woman’s betrayal and an enemy’s treachery.

Europa—the queen of the Japhethites has cunning to match any Hamite… if she can tame her quarreling sons.

Gog—has muscles like bands of steel. His wrestling will change the course of history.

People of the Tower (Book 4)

The children of Noah race toward doom…

A terrible struggle erupts among the great grandchildren of Noah. Some follow Jehovah. More follow the Mighty Hunter in his quest for fame and greatness. Those who side with Jehovah will need all their faith and courage in this bitterly dark hour.

Canaan—hates Noah’s curse. In his fear, he becomes the world’s first magician, casting a wicked spell.

Semiramis—desires more than Gilgamesh’s withheld caresses as she seeks to topple a god.

Ham—was slow to learn the lessons that counted. Now he has a final chance to redeem his many mistakes.

Hilda—the daughter of Nimrod’s most hated foe, she has to choose between two men, causing grief to the one she loves.

Gilgamesh—the lone wolf searches for his love as a temptress hunts him.


The Great Pagan Army

This is the year 885 A.D., when a thundering army of hardened cutthroats, berserks and axmen trample its way across Western Europe, raping and pillaging at will. They are the Great Pagan Army—the largest array of Vikings ever assembled into one host. No army or city can resist them; no one dares… until a crippled young count finds an old Roman book on tactics.

With a handful of desperate knights, Count Odo fortifies the river fortress of Paris and awaits the savage host. Neither he nor the Vikings realize that this will be young Paris’s most brutal siege and of incredibly fateful importance.

THE GREAT PAGAN ARMY is the recreation of a historical campaign of brutal savagery. It is a full novel, 113,000 words in length by bestselling author Vaughn Heppner.

The Sword of Carthage