Giants (Book 1)

The Nephilim—the sons of fallen angels—have a plan: find ancient, powerful weapons, storm Eden, defeat the guardian Cherub with his flaming sword and eat from the Tree of Life. Then they can rule the Earth as gods.

Gaining such weapons is highly dangerous, however. They will need ensorcelled humans to trip primeval traps for them, dying in their place.

Young Joash, a freed slave, knows nothing about these things. He trains to become a charioteer like the champion Herrek who freed him from bondage. But when Herrek’s band falls under a Nephilim spell, Joash will have to find the courage and wisdom to be like the mouse that freed a netted lion and save his newfound family and friends from a hideous and ancient evil.

GIANTS is the start of the Lost Civilizations Series that tells of the war between Nephilim and men in the days before the oceans overran the Pre-Cataclysmic World.

Leviathan (Book 2)

Tarag of the Sabertooths and the giant Mimir the Wise have raided an ancient crypt for weapons capable of slaying angels. They have a bold plan to storm Eden, kill the guardian who wields the flaming sword and eat from the Tree of Life so they can become immortal.

Yet, there is a group of humans who escaped from them on the shores of Giant Land. Those people must never reach land to warn others. Thus, the Nephilim practice an ancient spell to summon a creature from the depths to sink the ships that carry Joash, Herrek, Adah and Lord Uriah.

This time, the heroes from Elon and Poseidonis are certainly doomed. For what can stand against the power and spells of the sons of angels?

LEVIATHAN is the second book of the Lost Civilization Series that chronicles the war between men and Nephilim in the days before the oceans overran the Pre-Cataclysmic World.

Eden (Book 3)

Tarag of the Sabertooths and the giant Mimir the Wise are searching for Eden. They have found and practiced with ancient weapons, hoping to slay the guardian of the East Gate so they may eat from the Tree of Life and rule the Earth as gods.

Lord Uriah pursues the Nephilim with a hardy band of warriors. It’s unlikely he can defeat the evil champions, but he has to try before they can eat the fruit and become invincible.

Joash is Mimir’s prisoner. The young man is a seraph with an inner fire that can resist Nephilim sorcery. Mimir has found a way to use that in Joash to help them defeat the holy guardian of Eden.

Now, it’s up to Joash to risk everything to stop them. Because if Tarag and Mimir can kill Eden’s guardian, the Nephilim will begin a rule of demonic evil throughout the Earth that will never end.

EDEN is the third book of the Lost Civilization Series that chronicles the war between men and Nephilim in the days before the oceans overran the Pre-Cataclysmic World.

Gog (Book 4)

Keros was a crippled leper in pirate-haunted Shamgar, enduring a life of wretched misery.

Then one day the soldiers of Gog marched a chained Lod through the streets. Keros crawled out to see Elohim’s fabled champion. Before the vast throng, Lod touched Keros and declared him healed in Elohim’s name.

Nothing happened…at first. But when ruffians came to kill Keros that night, he rose up and slew them, taking a Bolverk-forged sword the fools had stolen during the march.

Gog learns of this healing. It is his city. In a rage, he demands that his minions bring Keros to the Catacombs, there to lie entombed with Lod until he dies.

Keros has other plans. Lod healed him. Thus, he must rescue Lod from the Catacombs and slay the son of a fallen angel, if he can…

GOG is the fourth book of the Lost Civilization Series that chronicles the war between men and Nephilim in the days before the oceans overran the Pre-Cataclysmic World.

Behemoth (Book 5)

Gog the ruler of Shamgar wants vengeance on the world and against Lod who blinded him. Thus, he sends his son Dagon to the Sea of Nur to find and tame the fabled behemoth, bidding him to bring it back to Shamgar. With the behemoth, Gog will crush his many enemies.

Lod is a white-bearded swordsman with burning blue eyes, his frame a twisted mass of muscle from twenty long years at the slave oar. He is driven by his visions, considering himself the blade of Elohim, and he has sworn to stop Dagon.

But none of them knows that on the Isle of the Behemoth is a stolen flame of Heaven, changing everything by its otherworldly presence.

Dagon and Lod race to their fates, each certain that he will be victorious.

BEHEMOTH is the fifth book of the Lost Civilization Series that chronicles the war between men and Nephilim in the days before the oceans overran the Pre-Cataclysmic World.

Lod the Warrior (Book 6)

Lod the fanatical pit slave ranges the Pre-Cataclysmic Earth to confront the Nephilim, the offspring of the fallen angels.

Where once seething Lod has passed, no one who lives forgets. Now, down the trails of past battles, Lod travels again. To the Stadium of Swords in Nod, where a god sits among his beauties, watching the slaughter in his glory. To the choking depths of the mines of Tartarus, where Lod faces a primeval terror that once roamed the stars. To the camp of a slave-hunting giant, seeking the perfect vessel to bear his seed. To the tree of death itself where Lod retrieves a woman to love.

Lod the Galley Slave (Book 7)

Lod the fanatical pit slave ranges the Pre-Cataclysmic Earth to confront the Nephilim, the offspring of fallen angels.

They have supernatural size, strength and mystic powers. He has a sword, a knife or at times merely a fist. But in him burns visions from Elohim, giving him the courage to rise up and fight the invincible.

He began in the canals of Shamgar, trolling the waters as bait for the giant rats. Years later, he toiled in the galleys of Poseidonis, a chained beast rowing to face the dreaded fire ships that always destroyed their foes.

Lod faced the duel of his life on the Isle of the Dead, assassin’s attacks and the heart-freezing terror of the kraken.

Heroic fantasy’s mightiest warrior storms his way through five thrilling tales from prehistoric times.

Cain (Book 8)

Fallen angels came to earth seeking the most beautiful daughters of men, having children by them, the Nephilim.

The fallen angels left, but their demonic sons remained, thirsting to conquer the Pre-Cataclysmic World so they could rule as gods.

One of the most oppressive is Gog the Oracle, a pitiless monster. He has gathered his galleys and enforcers to crush the men who have risen up to resist him. He also seeks Cain, the deadliest swordsman in existence, the first murderer and ageless wanderer. Cain will be his hidden blade to strike at his enemies.

Lod leads those who have thrown off their Nephilim shackles. He has vowed to break into Gog’s swamp city and end the creature’s reign of terror.

Now the hour of retribution is at hand as Gog’s enforcers sharpen their swords and as men train mammoths for the battlefield. Now the plans of demon and man clash head on, winner take all.

Sword and sorcery, mind and muscle, galley and catapult, Armageddon comes to the Pre-Cataclysmic World in this, the eighth book of the Lost Civilizations Series.

The Blade of Elohim (Book 9)

Fierce Nephilim riding giant reptilian beasts burst out of the Red Desert to raid the villages of the Negara Hills, collecting the young men as spears slaves and the women as harlots.

In Armod, Brand’s mother resists, receiving a sword in the guts for her courage. With bloody hands imploring Heaven, she curses the Nephilim before dying.

It makes Brand a target during the savage training, leaving him lonely and afraid, as all his friends abandon him.

Although terrified, Brand yet has a spark of courage left. He escapes into the grasslands, meeting Lod, who claims his mother’s curses have brought him to teach Brand how to fight.

Knowing Nephilim hunters are coming, the two seek an ancient ghost-city from the time angels warred on Earth. Lod hopes to find supernatural weapons to slay the evil ones.

Is Brand going to die hideously or is Lod right? Can men really defeat the sons of fallen angels?

Find out in THE BLADE OF ELOHIM, the ninth book of the Lost Civilization Series, set in the prehistoric world.


The Dragon Horn

There wasn’t anyone lower than Ivan the orphan at Belgorod Holding. He took care of the dogs, sleeping with them in the kennel. They were savage beasts, but Ivan loved them and strangely, the hounds loved him back.

One day, a strange, silver-haired knight arrived with a band of brutal henchmen and a letter from the king. The knight hired local famers, heading into the Old Forest to search for treasure.

The knight was evil, the search a trick, with the farmers living sacrifices for a wicked guardian of an ancient, hidden crypt. The knight sought unholy weapons, and he would destroy everyone at Belgorod Holding to get them.

What no one counted on was the humble dog boy and his hounds, and what would happen when Ivan picked up the dreaded Dragon Horn, sounding it for the first time in centuries.

Could Ivan learn to wield the wild magic in time to save his friends and home, and stop an ancient plot from unfolding?

Warrior of the Blood

It was lonely growing up in a swamp. It was worse after his mother died. Because Jublain had promised her, he stayed out of trouble…but one day trouble came looking for him.

Killers slew his dog, burned his hut and loosened spells upon him. Jublain had no idea why, but a Talon of magic-wielding hunters wanted him, and they would track him to the ends of the earth. It turned out there was something special about his blood.

Was that why his mother had hidden him in a swamp all these years? Jublain became curious. He found people—they became friends—and they taught him. It was hard. They took him to dangerous places, but by degrees he turned into a warrior of the Blood. The Talon was supposed to drag him to the lair of his enemy. Now Jublain was coming on his own to deal with an ancient evil that needed him dead.

Dark Crusade

The world is falling to the darkspawn, evil creatures that transform their captives into blood-drinkers, clawmen and worse. It looks as if nothing can stop their growing horde.

But there is a knight, a lonely man that no one can beat in combat. He frees an innocent prisoner and she stirs his heart, blowing on the embers of his courage. She challenges him to lead them, a rabble of frightened souls against the onslaught of ancient sorcery.

Can a weary knight, a woman with a vision and a desperate band of crusaders defeat the conquering powers of Darkness?

Rhune Shadow

One dark day Elissa’s world collapses as killers murder her father, the king of Karchedon, and open the city gates to an invading horde that serves a mysterious power from the dawn of time.

For Elissa, survival has just become precarious.

She accepts the risk, taking up her mother’s path from the Land of Shadows, entering a world of assassins, spells and sudden death. She will need all her guile to escape her enemy’s hatred and she will need desperate courage if she is to save her people from a thing beyond this world.

Night of the Knife

Legend holds that an evil Celestial once stole the Creator’s Staff of Light, fleeing with it to the World Below. The staff shattered when he turned a lizard into the Great Dragon, killing him and unleashing the terrible beasts upon the Earth, for she became the mother of all Dragons.

The Celestials were forbidden to leave their realm to fix the problem. Thus, they sent their servants to stop the Dragons. Many called them Elves, and they did their best, but they were no match for the fire-breathing monsters.

In desperation, the Elf Queen has sent the darkest of them—Iroldo the Lynx Lord, a master of the knife and stealthy forays—to rescue one who has learned a fatal Dragon weakness. But she’s locked deep in a deadly fortress, guarded by manticores, sorcerers, the Red Legion and Dragons.

This is the world’s last chance to stave off eternal slavery, and their hope lies in the skills of the darkest of rogues.