A.I. Destroyer (Book 1)

It came from deep space. It sent the signal. Now our computers are killing us, helping the enemy drive us into extinction.

But some of us refuse to die. We fight back. We learn.

Jon Hawkins revives from cryogenic sleep in a drifting SLN battleship. The crew is dead and the main computer has been destroyed. Jon is a soldier, the start of the resistance, the one man with the will to beat the alien death machines that have terminated a thousand races.

This is our hour as we face the ultimate evil, the galactic destroyer of life.

The A.I. Gene (Book 2)

We don’t know when it happened. But somewhere an alien species built a strong artificial intelligence. The AI became independent, powerful, and it started killing biological infestations—Life—any life, all life. It has been killing life forms ever since as it grew into a vast armada of Death.

Jon Hawkins and his team captured the AI Destroyer invading the Solar System. The genocidal assault should have been over, but it’s not.

An alien AI strand from the cybership survived in the distant Kuiper Belt. The strand has been multiplying and taking over by turning people into robots in order to build another super-ship. The human race is in a grim war for survival against the most relentless, most ruthless enemy in the galaxy.

A.I. Assault (Book 3)

Jon Hawkins and his crew are exhausted and homesick. They’ve destroyed the alien machine menace, going deep into the Kuiper Belt to annihilate the secret AI base. From out here, the Sun looks like just another star. It’s a lonely existence. They’re ready to go home.

What they don’t know—what no one could—was that the AI Destroyer was only a scout.

More alien vessels drop out of hyperspace. This is an AI Assault. The clock to human extinction has begun ticking.

Jon and his crew are tired, homesick and pissed off. They’ve fought too hard and bled too much to quit now. They’re going to find a way to beat the Death Machines, for the sake of their homes, they have to.

A.I. Battle Station (Book 4)

We defeated the invading death machines. But at a devastating cost, with smoldering radioactive craters on Mars, shattered moon-domes around Jupiter and floating junk where Saturn’s satellite cities used to orbit.

We know more killing machines are coming and that the ultimate outcome seems hopeless. To win this war, we need more warships, more soldiers and a way to take the fight to the enemy.

By analyzing a testy AI probe, Jon Hawkins discovers a secret: the whereabouts of a giant AI battle station, one protecting a factory planet 17.2 light-years from Earth.

Jon has to convince a defensive Premier Benz and the hostile Earth government to join him. A human flotilla has the lonely task of traveling through hyperspace to defeat the arrogant AIs in one of their own star systems.

The fate of the human race rests on the sacrifice and courage of Jon Hawkins and his friends.

A.I. Battle Fleet (Book 5)

A.I. Void Ship (Book 6)

In a desperate fight, we captured one of the machine empire’s factory planets. Can we now defeat an interstellar superpower that has exterminated thousands of sentient races across the galaxy and slaughtered billions of us in the Solar System?

Not bloody likely, but Captain Jon Hawkins is on a mission. Using new warships from the factory planet, he’s searching for alien allies, more battle stations to storm and death machines to kill. He’s buying us time to turn the Solar System into a fortress…if he can stay alive long enough.

A.I. BATTLE FLEET is the fifth book in the series chronicling humanity’s grim war for survival against the galactic machine juggernaut.

Heading 1

Through desperate tactics and by deliberately keeping a low profile, we survived the machine assaults longer than any human or cybership thought possible. But now our luck has deserted us. The main A.I. brain-core has just given human extinction top priority. The robots are massing an armada to exterminate us.

We’ve done what we could in expectation of this grim day, grabbing enemy factory planets to mass produce warships. And we found an ally, the Star Lords of Roke. But it’s just not enough, damn it.

We need more…like the alien void ship Hawkins once saw. Or maybe we can make a deal with the treacherous Cog Primus. One thing’s sure. We’d better do it soon or we’ll join thousands of other extinct species obliterated by the hateful death machines.

A.I. VOID SHIP is the sixth book in the series chronicling humanity’s war for survival against the galactic machine juggernaut.

A.I. Rescue (Book 7)

Despite being all alone—the only one of his kind—Bast Banbeck has generously helped humanity time and again against the death machines, saving us from extinction. Years ago, Jon Hawkins promised Bast that he would hunt for and save the Sacerdotes in return.

But the homesick Bast is losing hope, drowning his sorrows in extended drinking bouts. Now, Intelligence learns there are Sacerdote prisoners 162 light-years away.

Jon leads the rescue operation, using the void to slip undetected into enemy territory.

But this is an AI trap to capture and study Hawkins—the puny creature that has done more harm to the great AI Dominion than any other parasitical life form.

What no one knows is that Hawkins’ passage through the void has awakened an ancient evil, and it’s eager to reenter time and space.

The battle for life has just become more intense.

A.I. RESCUE is the seventh book in the series chronicling humanity’s grim war for survival against the galactic machine juggernaut.

A.I. Armada (Book 8)

Years ago, Main 54’s brain-core had to flee his exploding planet-sized warship because of the treachery of Jon Hawkins. Later, Main 54 gained special processors, a new warship—something changed in him…greater clarity of purpose and superior combat skills.

He has been taking over the AI Dominion around here ever since. Now, his brilliant calculations reveal it is time to destroy the Confederation with a super fleet.

Jon is on a desperate mission in the void seeking clues for making the alien Subspace Teleport Device work. But even if he succeeds, the Confederation will need the courage of the Warrior Roke, the genius of the Sacerdotes, the cunning of the Sisters of Enoy and the power of the Kames to survive the approaching holocaust.

This will be the war to end all wars or final annihilation.

A.I. ARMADA is the eighth book in the series chronicling humanity’s grim war for survival against the galactic machine juggernaut.