And so the adventure begins.



Night of the Knife

Legend holds that an evil Celestial once stole the Creator’s Staff of Light, fleeing with it to the World Below. The staff shattered when he turned a lizard into the Great Dragon, killing him and unleashing the terrible beasts upon the Earth, for she became the mother of all Dragons.

The Celestials were forbidden to leave their realm to fix the problem. Thus, they sent their servants to stop the Dragons. Many called them Elves, and they did their best, but they were no match for the fire-breathing monsters.

In desperation, the Elf Queen has sent the darkest of them—Iroldo the Lynx Lord, a master of the knife and stealthy forays—to rescue one who has learned a fatal Dragon weakness. But she’s locked deep in a deadly fortress, guarded by manticores, sorcerers, the Red Legion and Dragons.

This is the world’s last chance to stave off eternal slavery, and their hope lies in the skills of the darkest of rogues.