And so the adventure begins.



The Institute (The Traveler #4)

To Jake Bayard’s amazement, he meets a Homo habilis: a five-foot, hundred-pound, hairy hominid that was supposed to have gone extinct 1.65 million years ago.

Philip is no moronic precursor to man but a member of the elite, extraterrestrial Institute, needing help leaving Earth. The problem is that Philip is a liar, a sneak and a diabolical genius using the Traveler for his own ends.

Out in the stars, Bayard discovers a conspiracy backed by ancient military tech and run by the little hominids bent on conquering everything, including Earth.

What can one Marine stranded on a deadly alien planet do against an army of technologically superior soldiers?

Bayard is about to find out.

THE INSTITUTE is the fourth tale of a gung-ho Terran taking on the masters of an insidious and ancient alien conspiracy.